Our name is Obair

We use knowledge, experience and expertise to get people back to work.

How heavy is your job?

Understand the physical demands of your day to day work.

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What services do we provide?

  • Work Capacity Evaluation
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Worksite Evaluation
  • Ergonomic Evaluation
  • Vocational Redirection Evaluation
  • Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Return to work case management
  • Initial Needs Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluation
  • Occupational Therapy in Home Evaluation
  • Report for Court
  • Hand and Upper limb Rehabilitation
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Need some training?

  • UKFCE Certification Training
  • Job Demands Analysis
  • Evidence-based Return to Work
  • Evaluating Function for Work – a detailed introduction
  • Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Continuing Advancement Programme
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Intelligence
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Meet the Obair Team

Obair has a national network of accredited, experienced Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals who include:
Occupational Therapists, Rehabilitation Counsellors and Occupational Psychologists.

Clinical Director

Anne, Obair founder & Clinical Director, has over 34 years experience in Occupational Therapy, vocational rehabilitation and occupational health, with particular expertise in hand & upper limb evaluation & rehabilitation.

Clinical Manager / Occupational Therapist

Ann is Obair's Clinical Manager and is an accredited functional capacity evaluator, with specialist clinical experience in musculoskeletal, mental health and neurological conditions.

Meet the whole team