Obair – is a Gaelic word, meaning ‘to work’.

Obair means “work” in Gaelic and “work” is what we enable. We provide best-practice, end-to-end support for individuals following injury, illness or who have a health condition, helping them and their employers meet the challenges of their changed circumstances.

We take a customised and objective approach to identify whether someone is fit or unfit for work, going beyond what is often currently offered in the UK. Our practitioners are world-class experts in the field of vocational rehabilitation with a detailed understanding of the elements required when considering capacity for work.

Obair's Biopsychosocial Approach

As symbolised by the trequetra in our logo, we take a biopsychosocial approach, addressing all aspects of the individual: physical, cognitive, perceptual, psychological and the environments in which they function. We evaluate these areas of function, using the acclaimed Matheson FCE system from the USA, which we are the only provider to have developed for the UK. This approach allows us to determine potential capacity, creating a complete picture of what the individual can currently do and what support they need to do it.

Maximising Occupational Opportunities

Not only do we make recommendations, we can also implement them, sourcing or providing whatever expertise is necessary, from further rehabilitation to training to career redirection to the provision of bespoke return to work plans.

In short, we expertly identify what each individual can do and what they need to do it, then ensure these needs are met, maximising occupational opportunities and reducing the risk of productive working lives being prematurely curtailed.

Meet the Obair Team