CAP – Continuing Advancement Programme

Once you’ve completed your training with Obair you’ll no doubt be keen to keep improving but you may not be sure quite how to do this. Our CAP scheme can help support you in taking the next steps in developing your own skills and your practice further. It’s like supervision but more flexible.

How can I get support?

You buy time from Obair in blocks of six hours. CAP can provide you with individualised support in a number of ways:

  • We can audit your service and advise you about service development opportunities that would include specific assessments or interventions.
  • You can send us your FCE/JDA/TSA/RTW report and we will review it and give you feedback to help you develop.
  • We can meet up to aid your skills advancement in conducting specific tests i.e. using a dynamometer in effort testing.
  • We can provide caseload supervision face to face or remotely via Skype, telephone or instant messaging.
  • We can provide ongoing clinical and business mentoring.
  • If there are a few of you locally, we can help you develop your skills together so you also get peer support.