Ergonomics Evaluation (EE)

This is an objective evaluation of the job design and methods, the work environment and the individual’s performance of job tasks in order to identify any areas of concern related to health ergonomics. It also quantifies and prioritises areas of risk, using current evidence-based practice, with recommendations to minimise the risk of injury/re-injury and to facilitate performance, including identification of suitable aids and adaptations to facilitate the individual’s performance.

Who is it for?

Ideal for individuals who remain in employment and need specialist advice to ensure that their work tasks and working environment are optimal and will not exacerbate their injury/condition.

How the service is offered?

An experienced Ergonomics Evaluator visits to the worksite and conducts a confidential interview, evaluation of the individual’s job requirements and job set-up to identify, measure and document risk factors. There will also be a brief assessment of the individual’s injury/condition and current health status.

Findings are delivered in a concise report quantifying and prioritising risks, observations and concerns and advice on minimising risk. A list of recommended equipment and suppliers will be provided with quotes where necessary.