Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

An Obair Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is an in-depth, customised evaluation using the Matheson protocol. It combines objective measures and professional clinical judgment to determine an individual’s current functional capability, with the ultimate goal of them safely returning to or being retained at work.

Who is it for?

We can undertake a FCE for individuals in or out of work with an injury or physical and/or mental health condition, or is demonstrating restrictions e.g. in mood, back pain, in dexterity, in strength, in mobility, in concentration, in memory, in fitness, in manual handling etc.

How the service is offered?

During the evaluation, consideration is given to the physical, cognitive and/or mental capacities that are required to carry out the intrinsic functions and associated demands of the job. The effort provided by the individual and the reliability of pain and disability reports are also determined

The individual is evaluated by one of our vocational rehabilitation professionals who is an accredited functional capacity evaluator at an Obair centre, workplace or home. If the FCE is at the individual’s workplace it allows the Obair Evaluator to incorporate elements of their job with a brief analysis of the job demands (including alternative roles proposed by the employer) and identify any areas of ergonomic concern and remedial action.

The findings of the evaluation are analysed and a concise report is generated, which:
  • Details the individual’s functional capacity compared to the demands of the job(s)
  • Makes recommendations for retention/return to work
  • Outlines the efficacy of current rehabilitation
  • Advises on future rehabilitation potential

We believe that together, we can make a positive difference – for an individual who wants to return to work, for employers wanting to reduce absence and for insurers, solicitors, case managers and occupational teams who strive for successful case resolution.

As expert clinicians accredited in FCE Obair evaluators:

  • Structure an evaluation based on the referral questions
  • Are skilled in clinical interview technique
  • Are accomplished observers of not just functional but also behavioural issues
  • Have flexibility to change an evaluation to look a unexpected behaviours
  • Administers tests in a reliable and standardised manner
  • Are able to determine physical effort
  • Are able to determine reliability of pain and disability reporting
  • Differentiate between effort and reliability and look at each individually