Hand/Upper Limb Rehabilitation (HULR)

This is a comprehensive objective evaluation of an individual’s hand and upper limb function from a biopsychosocial and vocational perspective in order to determine rehabilitation potential and inform a hand therapy programme/functional restoration programme aimed at improving function for work. It is ideal for individuals who have sustained a hand or upper limb injury or exacerbated a pre-existing condition and demonstrate functional and vocational impairment.

How the service is offered

Hand and Upper Limb Evaluation (HULE): a face-to-face objective evaluation of the hand and upper limb carried out by a specialist occupational therapist (OT). The provision of a concise report that details the individual’s upper limb function and any physical and/or psychosocial factors that may be impacting on function. The report will identify rehabilitation potential and make recommendations, in terms of specific goals, interventions and a plan aimed at the restoration of hand and upper limb function through a sessional programme of therapy.

Hand & Upper Limb Rehabilitation (HULR): a sessional or residential programme provided by an occupational therapist with expertise in hand and upper limb rehabilitation. The sessional programme is provided in the individual’s home or at an Obair centre and the residential programme is provide at an Obair centre. The programme is initiated following an Obair Hand and Upper Limb Evaluation (HULE). The programme focuses on improving hand and upper limb function, in optimising workability, in goal setting and realisation, pain management and self efficacy.

The evaluation services are provided throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland by specialist occupational therapists and the evaluation is conducted at the individual’s home or a suitable venue, local and accessible for the individual. The sessional programme is provided in the individual’s home or at Obair’s centres, whichever is more convenient and appropriate.