Jain Holmes

Occupational Therapist

Sheffield / National

An occupational therapist who graduated in 1990, Jain has worked in the UK and USA in neurology as well as with musculoskeletal, surgical, inflammatory and mental health symptoms affecting function.

Jain has significant expertise in VR case management, job analyses and job and workplace modifications. and has taken postgraduate training in ergonomics, work hardening and conditioning, MODAPTS, and is an accredited functional capacity evaluator and trainer.

Jain has extensive experience with designing learning materials and teaching. She co-wrote the “OT in Vocational Rehabilitation: a brief guide to current practice in the UK”, the “Work Matters” booklet by the College of OT and is the author of the reknown text book “Vocational Rehabilitation”. In 2010 Jain worked with the World Health Organisation along with other world experts in VR to develop the International Classification of Function (ICF) new core sets for VR and is currently involved UK research programmes related to VR and starts her PhD studies into vocational rehab in 2014.