Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)

A Transferable Skills Analysis is a vocational rehabilitation service that evaluates an individual’s occupational skills and experiences in order to identify their occupational transferrable skills for suitable alternative vocational options. The TSA facilitates a safe, suitable and sustainable return to work for individuals who are unable to return to their pre-morbid job role.

Course Format

This is a one-day course where the trainer takes participants through the theoretical knowledge required for TSA and applies these concepts using case studies. Online resources will be accessed so it is best to bring a laptop if possible.

Competency & Skills Development

  • Understand how TSA fits within vocational rehabilitation processes/procedures in the UK
  • Identify when to undertake a TSA
  • Understand the process of a TSA session and report building
  • Understand the key areas of a TSA report
  • Indentify an injured/disabled worker’s transferrable skills
  • Match these skills to suited vocational options
  • Use the labour market to support the vocational options

What you will be able to do

Following the completion of the 1 day of training you will have the paperwork, knowledge and skills to be able to implement TSAs in your practice.