Work Capacity Evaluation (WCE)

An objective, comprehensive evaluation of an individual who, due to an injury, health condition or disability, is demonstrating restriction in their functional and occupational capacity for work.

The WCE is conducted by both a functional and a vocational evaluator in order to determine safe, suitable and sustainable vocational options for the individual as well as to identify goal orientated, vocational rehabilitation recommendations. The WCE incorporates an individual’s current medical/clinical status, work skills, previous employment and educational history, work aptitudes, vocational interests and functional, psychological and social capacity for work.

Who is it for?

Ideal for individuals who are not able to return to their pre-injury/condition job role and need specialist advice to define and establish alternative job options that match their functional and occupational profile.

How the service is offered?

The WCE entails two face-to-face sessions with the individual, carried out on one day by an experienced functional evaluator and by a vocational evaluator. One concise report is then developed, combining the findings of both evaluators to establish suitable alternative job roles and give vocational rehabilitation recommendations for facilitating a safe and sustainable return to work.